Utica; Its People & Events-Part II--$19.95

Utica; Its People & Events-Part II is a compilation of more than 60 articles, mostly printed over the past decade in the Utica Observer-Dispatch, and a few printed in other local-area print media. All celebrate the glorious years of Utica during the mid 1900s. Earlier articles, 48 of them, were published in a previous work of the same title.

Cardarelli put Part II into categories so that readers can go directly to their areas of primary interest. In Section I, the categories are Interesting People & Events--Politics-- Camps, Hospitals & Clubs-- Food, Drink and the Holidays. Several prominent names are covered as are many that may have been forgotten over the years--names such as Moses Bagg, Mother Lavender, Dr. William B. Falvo, a Bleecker Street merchant known as "Hindu," Rufus Elefante. and the Knights of Columbus. Also included are places such as General Hospital, Camp Assisium, Camp Healthmore, and Proctor Park, just to name a few.

In Section II, readers can learn about local artists in Creative Arts, the largest category in the work. The other Section II categories are Churches, Schools, and Educators--Sports--and Local Industry. Names such as John MacDonald, Roland Chesley, Egbert Norman Clark, Rollin W. Thompson, Senatro "LB" LaBella, Ed Furgol, "Bobey" Salerno, Yogi Giammarco, and many others highlight Section II.

Included are more than 70 photos. Cardarelli believes that the book should be retained for future generations as a vehicle to emphasize the splendor of Utica during its more glorious years.